Week #13 Blog

Dave via Compfight Sports: Its hard and fun Sports Its tiring and calming Sports Its fun to play Sports Its entertaining to watch Sports Its exciting to coach the players Sports

Week#12 Blog

I think I have improved on blogging because I have got all of the blogs done when I was supposed too. As I have been doing the blogs it has been getting easier for me to do them. This is my blog and hope you enjoyed reading it.

Week #11 Choice Poem

Coach You taught me how to play it you taught me the skills to persist in life’s game and for all that I will always thank you and look back and boast that I had the privilege of calling you coach Keith Allison via Compfight

Week#9 Blog

Did you know that I play sport Did you know that I play baseball did you know that I play basketball Did you know that I play football Did you know that Hoped you liked my poem Did you know that

Week#8 Blog

My digital footprint is good I don’t have anything bad about it. I would be perfectly fine if my grandparents viewed it. When I google my name nothing bad comes up.

Week#7 Blog

melystu via Compfight Some of you know I play baseball. I play for the Springfield millers Preps division. I play second base and left field. The number I choose for baseball is #3 and I bat in the 7 hole for batting most of the time. Now you know I play baseball if you didn’t Read More…

week #6 Letter Poem

My eyeballs My eyeballs there blue. They see stuff. They help me through life. My eyeballs Without them i would be blind. My eyeballs                                               Shell Daruwala via Compfight

Week #5 blog

Week #5 blog                 Easter is one of the traditions my family does. My mom will get my sister and baby brother baskets will candy and stuff in it. We will also egg hunt and my mom will get plastic eggs and fill them with candy.

Week#4 Blog

DFID – UK Department for International Development via CompfightHunger Week #4 Blog             Hunger is everywhere in the world. There are many programs that help with child hunger and just hunger in general around the world. The average american throws away half their food a year, in other words they Read More…

Week#10 Blog

I have done almost all of the blogs that have been assigned. I cant remember how many have been school related. I liked the family tradition blog because i think it was the easiest one.